Do you consider buying powerful servers, placing them in an in-house server room, and employing an IT team to manage them? You’re probably skeptical about letting someone else keep the server for you. But why do more and more businesses switch to outsourced server management and benefit from professional maintenance of their data centers? Let’s see what advantages they get! 

Outsourcing Server Management Services – What Are the Benefits?

benefits of server management services

You don’t need to employ an IT team

With the in-house option, you’ll have to hire professional IT staff, and your recruiters will need time and budget to complete this task. Since IT professionals are in high demand, their annual payroll will cost you a significant amount of money. And people sometimes get ill, go on vacation, or happen to be unproductive. Moreover, it will be an issue to ensure a 24-hour presence of server support services since standard business hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Also, your accountants will have to calculate, pay, upload into the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and report on every dollar spent on your IT employees.

With the outsourced team of server administrators that we provide, you pay a monthly fee and never worry about any organizational, accounting, human resource, or other issues that an in-house team can cause. So, you can always plan your expenses on IT services. With us, you won’t have to pay extra money to get 24/7 support or try to reach a DNS support specialist after business hours. 

You’ll be able to monitor distributed servers

If your company has offices in various locations, you probably want to centralize the management of all the servers. This will ensure better control, synchronization, and standardization of IT tasks like web server vulnerability scanning,  troubleshooting, or help desk services. Dedicated technicians use 

RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) software for remote network server monitoring. And here are the three main tasks that RMM helps to complete.

  • Arrange remote server maintenance without interrupting end-users. Installing updates, running various scripts, or deploying software doesn’t require any actions from users and remains unnoticed to them. However, once you need to resolve an issue, the IT admin can connect to your computer and perform actions on your behalf. 
  • Automate daily tasks. Professionals try to free up their time and delegate routine actions to machines. And that’s great as they will deal with “smarter” tasks instead of repeating the same actions.
  • Get instant alerts and run system monitoring. RMM solutions can detect risks while they are still potential. At early stages, they make alerts and report about network health, the status of assets, and compliance issues. 

You have your website running 24/7

The server is the heart of your website, so keeping it up day and night ensures a continuous online presence for your business. This way, proper web hosting management provides a smooth customer experience, which brings you more leads and clients. Dedicated remote server administrators constantly monitor potential risks that can result in the website’s unavailability. Advanced instruments, frequent checkups, and tests help them to prevent your servers from overloading, cyber-attacks, file system problems, drive failures, and other issues. 

However, another crucial factor for your server uptime is a trivial power supply –– and it’s your responsibility. If your server room is located in a rented office, power outages can happen at any moment. That’s why you’ll need to have a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system in place. Still, UPS also requires proper configuration. For example, a centralized system distributes power through an additional panel that has all hardware items connected to it. In a decentralized plan, individual UPSs are aimed at separate circuits and hardware elements. Though only you will have physical access to UPS, their remote monitoring is possible.

You have your data and services secured

If your business collects personal data from potential customers and current clients, securing that information should be one of your prerogatives. A data breach can cost you millions of dollars and thousands of angry customers. Dedicated teams, for example, regularly do server patching and updates to ensure high-level security. And since software updates need to be piloted before deployment, your administrators will schedule and agree on maintenance windows and follow all installation procedures. 

The professionals we hire use advanced technology that helps to deliver your IT-driven services without misdirection or disruption. Cyber security analysts arrange regular web server vulnerability scanning and follow the best industry procedures and algorithms to detect potential threats. They can also arrange short training sessions for your employees to help them stay aware of existing cyber risks. 

You have a help desk

Every IT infrastructure requires professional helpdesk services to support its users. Sometimes your employees and end-users may experience issues with accessing various databases, website services, or platforms. To resolve them, companies hire a server admin or two, who may not be able to provide immediate support to several users at a time. But to deliver high-quality support, we can offer flexible and customizable teams. Our IT help desk solutions fit companies of all sizes because we are ready to adapt to the business needs of SMBs and large corporations. The technicians we hire align their services with the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) practices, focusing on your business processes. This approach to service delivery makes them your partners rather than a standalone back-end support team.

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Remote Server Management You’ll Get

We recommend you try remote server management after you locate your servers in an isolated storing center with a continuous power supply, Internet access, and advanced security. Chosen hardware should be 100% reliable and durable, so your documents and sensitive data will be stored in the right place. And behind the processing power of machines will stand remote IT professionals. Your server support engineers will deploy your Linux/UNIX or Windows server. They’ll configure it and timely install server patching solutions, 

Remote Server Support Services vs. In-House Technicians 

Technically, there’s no difference where your server support engineers are. In the era of remote work, in-house technicians seem to be an old-school option once your company doesn’t offer IT services. If you are a large corporation that slowly adapts to the new reality, it’s time to break stereotypes. Switch to cost-efficient IT server support services without being afraid to compromise your sensitive data –– and you’ll get even more security and shorter downtimes. Here are the main benefits of hiring a remote server support team:

  • No IT payroll costs;
  • No accounting and taxation for IT payrolls, and no related reporting is necessary;
  • No paid vacations to IT staff;
  • No sick leaves to cover; 
  • No IT personnel turnover; 
  • No recruitment costs related to IT;
  • No server and hardware to keep in-house;
  • No need to maintain special conditions in a server room.

And we can go on and on!

Why Hire Ukrainian Network Support Technicians?

You don’t need to choose between quality, time, and price when asking for remote server help. With Ukrainian tech support engineers, you can enjoy them all. Our experts are highly skilled since they have degrees in Information Technology and relevant work experience. Moreover, they are ready to work flexible hours and are very time-efficient. Since our database support services are delivered by specialists based in Europe, their working hours are nearly the same as in Europe and only a few hours ahead of the US. 

Ukrainian teams will fix this demand-supply imbalance if you need urgent server deployment and DNS server troubleshooting but struggle to find on-site technicians. Our qualified, dedicated, and result-focused technicians are always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with your company. So, don’t wait to make this deal and get your storage management server ready! 

Staffing Your IT Server Support Team

If you have decided to outsource support dedicated server facilities together with professional IT engineers and administrators are ready to join your team. You only need to describe the main processes within your company and tell us what you expect from our cooperation. We need only a brief introductory talk to return to you with a preliminary solution: how many servers you need, which software and additional hardware we require, how many people will be assigned to your project, and of which roles, preferred working schedule, etc. If you also need server migration services, we are ready to consult you on arranging this and preliminary deadlines.

How We Hire Network Engineers

To help businesses achieve their goals, we hire detail-oriented specialists with years of experience in IT. With a strong background related to server support, our remote server admins and server support engineers know how to approach incidents and solve problems immediately. They have worked in various industries offering network support services, so they are ready for flexible schedules and set deadlines. All our server support engineers have excellent analytical skills and possess a problem-solving mindset. And, since our specialists cooperate with non-technical clients, they have brilliant communication skills too.

Contact us today to hire your team of remote server engineers and set tasks for your remote server admin right away!

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