Which one is your favorite nightmare? An irritated user leaving your website because it loads forever, a failed-to-send contact form because your website goes down, or an unauthorized transaction made from the customer’s bank account after he pays on your website? 

Outsourced web hosting support won’t let these nightmares turn into reality and can make the customer experience of your leads perfect.

Advantages of Outsourced Hosting Support

With website hosting support, your website will:

  • Be secured and compliant with personal data protection regulations
  • Load instantly on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Allow downloading of significant volumes of data
  • Have a backup version
  • Be up and running 24/7

Outsourced Web Hosting Support Services

outsourced web hosting support services

Protection against server attacks and their mitigation

With a dedicated web hosting team, your website will be secured from downtime and data theft. This is possible because hosting support engineers can professionally deal with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, SQL injections, path traversal, cracking passwords, and other types of cyberattacks. Professionals early spot traffic from single IP (Internet Protocol) or range of IP addresses and detect suspicious traffic from similar geolocation or during odd hours. Your team of IT specialists tracks multiple SQL system errors to ensure your database security: failed logins, incorrect syntax, invalid objects, and all permission-related errors. Hosting technical support is also beneficial because the technicians can rewrite the code to validate user input before searching the file system, making websites more secure.

Recovery of crashed servers

Professional web hosting management requires advanced server monitoring to avoid crashes.  Continuous server management helps to detect upcoming issues, so your support team can fix the failure before it results in a shutdown. However, once an unexpected failure happens, your outsourced IT support is available 24/7 to promptly recover the website from a shutdown. Reducing downtime is their first prerogative since every minute counts for your business. 

That’s why dedicated technicians use the image-based backup to copy the whole OS (Operating System) and relevant data into a single file called image. This approach is also called single-instance storage or intelligent compression. And not to duplicate data, engineers incorporate incremental backup techniques that copy only changed information.

Server setup and configuration

Server management services include changing root passwords, assigning a hostname and a static IP, installing relevant and removing unnecessary application packages, etc. Since most IT policies require using the latest supported program versions, you’ll have the server equipped with top-notch software updated automatically. 

For example, NTP (Network Time Protocol) configuration is an indispensable setup for cloud computing, POS (Point-of-Sale), and bank systems. So, with hired specialists, you’ll provide all your web servers with remote web hosting support and ensure proper installation and configuration of updates. 

Web administration

A web server performs well only when its administrator works effectively. For example, handling typical issues to maintain normal server operations, ensuring proper connection, installing required hardware, taking proactive decisions, monitoring security, and backing up data are among the routine tasks of hosting support outsource services. The team of experienced engineers who’ll work for your company will be equipped with advanced hardware and programming tools to ensure that all web server systems work in sync. 

Optimize server performance

End-user requirements dictate how web hosting support outsourcing should be approached. Non-optimized servers can result in fewer page views and, consequently, a reduction in website conversions and customer satisfaction. That’s why experienced technicians consider how to optimize processes on your web server. For example, they can configure a reverse proxy server to distribute traffic from users evenly. This results in improved load balance and better capacity usage. Moreover, a reversed proxy becomes an additional security layer. Among the incorporated solutions are Nginx, Varnish, Lighttpd, and others. 

Dedicated teams also utilize caching, database defragmentation, distributed DNS (Domain Name System) cluster, shared hosting support, and other approaches to minimize load and response time on your website.

hire website hosting support experts

Provider of Dedicated Hosting Tech Support Engineers 

We understand that a high-performing website is essential for generating inbound leads and a successful marketing strategy. But housing servers requires hiring an IT department which can be time-consuming and costly for your business. 

Outsourcing website hosting support, in contrast, covers such tasks as file hosting, web traffic handling, preventing cyberattacks, and securing sensitive data of your customers. And our solutions can fit any budget since we offer several hosting models like shared, VPS (Virtual Private Service), cloud, dedicated, WordPress, or reseller hosting. 

Rest assured that every offer is designed to fit the specific needs of your enterprise or startup, providing it with an optimized dedicated team. This way, we make sure that every client gets reliable, high-quality web hosting services. 

Why Outsource Server Hosting Support from Ukraine?

Ukraine has become a reputable country, holding camps and conferences with top IT speakers and attracting significant investments into projects and startups related to Information Technology. And we are proud to offer you web hosting services at affordable prices. Your business will be in the safe hands of dedicated specialists who have IT degrees from popular universities and years of experience in the industry. Moreover, you won’t notice a significant difference in working hours and holidays, since specialists you hire are located in Europe. We offer dedicated hosting support engineers who share a business-oriented approach to work and mentality, so you’ll love working with us!

How to Setup a Hosting Support Team with Us?

Organizing a dedicated team of web hosting professionals who will be assigned to your business is easy:

  1. You tell us all the requirements, preferred working schedule, and available budget. 
  2. We come back with an optimized solution and offer a preliminary cooperation plan. This draft comprises positions and number of dedicated specialists, their working agenda, software, and hardware facilities required. 

We are always ready to discuss limited budget options and come up with a suitable proposal.

Contact us now to find the solution that fits your requirements and budget, and hire web hosting tech support team today!

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