What is your disaster recovery plan? If you lose all the files, operational environment and have your digital network erased one day, will you be able to redesign the whole system shortly? Will your IT infrastructure and resources secure data backup and uninterrupted business operation in case of a cyber attack? Or is there a more reliable and optimized way to protect your network from disasters?

Data Backup Services & Storage and Disaster Recovery Solutions Explained

Technology had improved since the times when companies archived their backups and stored them on a local server. Though the concept remained unchanged –– you still have to copy, compress, and keep files in a safe place to be able to restore them once needed –– approaches and patterns to backing up information have changed. Modern companies boast terabytes of data that push them to use cloud storing solutions and involve professionals to process and copy that information correctly and regularly.

The internal IT teams sometimes lack experience or time to run their daily tasks and offer reliable disaster recovery support. This means that the company’s operation is at risk, and owners look for better enterprise protection. Setting business continuity as their priority, managers search for more secure and cost-effective options. That’s why remote Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions have become more popular. Dedicated IT professionals will have the whole network copied in set intervals and save every required file in a secured and easily restorable format. 

Reasons to Outsource Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Switching to outsourced disaster recovery solutions fits small and mid-sized businesses as they can save on hiring in-house teams. Large corporations that have stored backup information on their own servers will also benefit from outsourcing disaster recovery services. And here are the main reasons for that:

reasons for data backup services outsourcing

Your team will dedicate 100% of the time to data backup

Your internal IT team can’t be fully dedicated to ensuring rapid recovery of your network once a ransomware attack occurs. They’ll still have to perform routine tasks and support other users while urgent matters will be waiting aside. But outsourcing data backup specialists will guarantee that they spend 100% of their time resolving disaster recovery issues. Because delivering high-level disaster recovery solutions include frequent checking and verification of saved files. 

Data center backup solutions from dedicated specialists can also include working out an industry-oriented disaster recovery plan. It usually consists of instructions for IT and other teams in case of a data breach or cyber attack. You can show this plan for verification of controls once requested by auditors. 

Your backup will be monitored by top industry experts

An in-house team of IT specialists is not always aware of how to correctly backup large datasets and large networks or how to set an IT infrastructure from scratch. In contrast, a dedicated remote data storage engineer has years of experience and hundreds of similar cases. Moreover, professionals will resave information and regularly verify saved files in between the planned system backups. 

The verification process allows engineers to check if the vital files are accessible and scannable. And from time to time, outsourced specialists perform a complete recovery version of the whole IT infrastructure. For this, your dedicated IT support team creates a simulated environment and runs all the files on it. 

You will pay less

We help you hire data backup management professionals who offer their services at competitive rates. While hiring specialists from other European countries will be more expensive, dedicated teams from Ukraine are here to offer budget-friendly solutions. Company owners are happy to save money for their business due to spending less on wages. So an outsourced disaster recovery team is your win-win solution.

You’ll get scalable cloud-based solutions

In case your business grows and requires additional storage space and bandwidth, outsourcing data storage specialists offers exceptional flexibility. Once you run out of space, dedicated professionals will offer optimized and cost-effective cloud-based solutions to grow your data storage capacities. And keeping, accessing, and sharing data won’t be an issue for you. Another good point is that such solutions are adjustable in both ways –– so you won’t pay for the space you don’t use and still keep your cloud backup and disaster recovery under control.

Your Reliable Provider of Remote Data Storage Solutions from Ukraine

We aren’t one of the backup and disaster recovery companies that already have specialists in place. But we are here to make you a more personalized offer and customize a dedicated team for your remote data storage support. That’s how it works:

  1. You give us more details about the data backup services you want to get and specialists you plan to hire.
  2. We start searching and return to you in 2-3 weeks with a list of several candidates. We do the prescreening and technical interviews, so you get the CVs of top candidates.
  3. After you choose the candidate, we send him an offer, and you start cooperation.
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Why US and European Companies Prefer Ukraine-Based Data Backup Support Teams 

Ukraine has become one of the leading countries that offer outsourcing IT infrastructure services. This is because European and US companies trust Ukrainian-based specialists and hire them remotely. This way, the market of Information Technology grows, and the number of companies and specialists who work in the IT field only increases. But along with the high quality of services that Ukrainians deliver, their lower wages attract foreign companies. Here are the main reasons that motivate employers from other countries to hire data storage support engineers from Ukraine:  

  • They are professional and dedicated. Specialists that we hire for you boast impressive experience not only in disaster recovery services for small business data centers. They also excelled at various data backup challenges in mid-size and large companies. That’s why top professionals in the industry will approach your tasks. 
  • They are well-educated. Every backup specialist we offer to hire possesses a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, or another relevant diploma. So rest assured that your new team member will have a reliable background and skills gained in the country’s best universities.
  • They are client-oriented. Our specialists have worked in multiple working environments: companies with impressive IT infrastructure and small businesses with only several employees. And they know that professional fulfillment of data backup support is only part of their job. Staying open to clients’ needs, being ready to come up with new ideas, and having good communication skills help make cooperation highly effective for business.
  • They are ready to deliver 24/7 support. One of the basic requirements for all data backup management specialists we hire is a flexible approach to working hours. If your company is based in Europe, engineers will benefit from the synchronized schedule. However, the time difference with US companies is still suitable, so you’ll have your remote data storage support team as accessible as in-house employees. And of course, in case of urgent issues, dedicated engineers are ready to assist at any time of the day.

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