Remote Infrastructure Services (RIM) help to centralize control over your company’s IT infrastructure. RIM solutions embrace the administration of desktops, databases, and servers, ensuring network security, backup and disaster recovery, and continuous systems monitoring. And many companies adopt this remote option for its cost-effectiveness and several other advantages. 

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Benefits that Outsourcing of IT Infrastructure Services Brings

You spend less on your IT team

Since the wages of remote IT specialists we hire are smaller than the average payrolls of your in-house team, outsourcing IT infrastructure engineers is cost-effective. For small and emerging businesses, this option is a decent way to ensure the excellent performance of all digital networks and systems. This is because you’ll have to pay only for the professionals and software you need. And, once your company grows, there are opportunities to scale administration and monitoring of additional IT assets at lower costs.

With an outsourcing solution that we offer, you’ll have to pay a fixed amount with a clear understanding of what it includes. So this number will be transparent and easy-to-budget and will change only when you require additional network infrastructure services. You won’t have to search for and train your team members as we take on those tasks for you. 

You’ll have all technical risks covered

IT infrastructure engineers will professionally design the architecture and do all the configurations to create a proper environment for the main workflows in your company. Dedicated specialists will customize your IT solution with top applications and deploy them correctly to optimize all processes. Your infrastructure will be set up according to industry standards and relevant regulations so that all compliance issues will be covered. We hire top-notch specialists who can also help you prepare and implement various IT procedures and policies to unify service desk functionality. 

With these protocols in place, your IT infrastructure support will perform change and configuration management tasks without risks of data loss, system downtime, or leaving the networks vulnerable. This approach will secure uninterrupted completion of your business tasks and help grow your return on IT investments.

You’ll optimize your team efforts

While on-premises IT departments deal with multiple tasks and sometimes have to prioritize them, remote infra management teams can fully devote their time to specific tasks and thus be more effective. Such optimization means better cyber security, network administration, and the smooth functioning of critical workflows for your business. Your dedicated team will be dealing with system failures instantly and ensure disaster recovery within the shortest period. 

Reallocation of resources and synchronized work relies on the structure of your IT team, which, in its turn, depends on the goals, mission of the company, and the industry it works in. And there’s one essential instrument that helps to optimize IT resources ––– Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). This framework describes how to improve services, communications, and virtual technical support, so many professionals adopt it in their work.

When It’s Time to Incorporate Remote Infrastructure Management: Indicators

You probably think which option is better for your business right now: IT infrastructure in-house vs outsourcing. Here are some indicators of when you might need to switch to RIM solutions: 

  • When your IT team spends a lot of time on supporting your infrastructure, and it still performs slowly
  • When your cyber security solution hardly covers standard requirements in your industry
  • When digital workflows run unhurriedly, and your employees spend too much time on simple tasks
  • 3 years have passed since your last IT infrastructure update, and your IT solutions need to conform to changes in technology
  • When your network isn’t reliable enough to allow communication even during its failure
  • When you can’t incorporate proper automation tools and other advanced software because your network infrastructure isn’t robust enough

RIM Services a Dedicated Team We Hire Can Provide

As an IT outsourcing infrastructure services provider, we help you hire professionals who will cover system and network management, end-user support, and IT administration services. Here are some of the basic ones:

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Management of local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN), bandwidth, network operations, and VPN services

You’ll have a credible and secured wireless connection that ensures uninterrupted and fast dataflows. It’ll be possible to prioritize and control your networks, reserving the bandwidth for vital applications and stopping the unnecessary ones. Enhanced network visibility will help to provide a reliable experience for your users, while a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will ensure your online anonymity and security. 

Support of website users, messaging services and arranging service desk

IT infrastructure operations technicians improve communication and enhance collaboration within a company through the service desk. It helps employees from other departments quickly retrieve necessary documents and performance results, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions. Your web page users will also benefit from the professional outsourced web hosting support ensuring good page load speed and optimizing its mobile versions. 

On-demand troubleshooting, disaster recovery, and cyberattacks mitigation

RIM help includes well-timed identification of cyber threats and preventive measures to avoid potential data breaches or compromised networks. This way, you will minimize chances of malware infection and DOS (Denial Of Service) attacks that can result in significant penalties to your company –– when, for example, hackers steal customers’ sensitive information.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing: Why We?

As we operate as a managed services provider IT infrastructure technicians are one of our specializations. And we help you hire top remote professionals quickly and gainfully –– read how!

  • You get competitive prices. We work in the Ukrainian IT market and are always happy to offer well-educated and experienced engineers. Since Ukrainian wages in the IT sector are lower than those in Europe and the US, our clients always benefit from outsourcing staff with us. At the same time, IT infrastructure engineers from Ukraine are highly qualified, and all possess Master’s Degrees in Information Technology and several years of experience. 
  • You get a fixed service fee. We issue an invoice to you after you hire the candidate and break down all the expenses. This way, we stay transparent with our clients and are happy to discuss every amount if you have questions. Typically, our bill includes payroll and related taxes, expenses on office premises and equipment (if applicable), and retention costs. However, the first invoice will also include recruitment and onboarding fees.
  • You get RIM services specialists with flexible hours. Working with a remote team that has many hours of time difference with your working schedule is always challenging. However, it’s not the case for the technicians we get on board. Since Ukraine is located in Europe, our professionals can easily fit in European and US business hours without night work. Nonetheless, we agree with your future IT infrastructure support team that they should be available 24/7 in case of urgent issues.
  • You get guarantees on our services. This means that if the candidate we helped you hire decides to quit, won’t cope with his duties, or won’t comply with your corporate requirements; we can replace him or her for free. Still, you have one month to exercise this right; otherwise, the full fee will be applied again. We decided to add this clause to our contract because we feel responsible for every IT infrastructure consulting specialist and remote engineer. So you can be confident in our professionalism and dedication.

IT Infrastructure Management Outsourcing Step–by-Step

How will we hire your best IT infrastructure consultant or dedicated engineer? Here’s how we work!

  1. We get in touch and ask you for all the requirements for the position –– to create an ideal candidate profile. We can share our basic ones and add your specifications or accept yours. When we finalize the list of skills and other parameters, we initiate the search. It’s always better to think of all the details when we start, for once you decide to add some more qualifications or certificates to the list, we’ll need to adjust the search criteria. 
  2. In 3-6 weeks, we’re usually ready with the preliminary list of candidates for the remote IT infrastructure engineer role. We always stay transparent to our clients so you can always stay updated on the search status: how many technicians wait for the pre-screen or technical interview or which of them were successful in completing a test task. 
  3. We usually conduct the primary interviews and pass you the list of 3-5 candidates. You’ll find our notes and brief recommendations next to each technician –– that’s how we help you make a preliminary decision. At this stage, you can arrange internal interviews in your standard formats.
  4. As soon as you decide on one (or several) engineers for hire, we prepare and let you confirm job offers with cooperation details. Once candidates accept them, we start to prepare onboarding documentation and issue an invoice. That’s when a new teammate is ready to start working with you.

Learn how to hire a remote IT infrastructure services technician quickly and cost-effectively!

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