Information Technology has become vital for businesses: every company has a website, grows its contact base, installs ERP and CRM systems, and reaches out to prospects via email, social networks, or ad campaigns. Moreover, no company can do without employees who use computers. 

To keep all these activities running and synchronized, you need a properly organized network controlled by professional technicians –– an IT department. And everything that has an “IT” mark costs a lot. Or not? Is there a way to save a little bit on your IT?

Remote Network Support Services Make You More Competitive

Embracing complex IT solutions requires spending nearly all your profits on them. Still, would you believe it if we told you that maintaining your networks doesn’t always require purchasing expensive hardware, software and hiring top specialists to administer them? How is that possible? –– you ask. The answer is: with IT network outsourcing. You delegate network management to a dedicated remote team of professionals and focus on your daily tasks.

Why Should I Outsource Network Management? 

Outsourcing IT specialists is getting popular because it brings numerous competitive benefits to businesses. But does this model have any drawbacks? Well, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing network management together.

And we’ll start with the challenging perspective. We have come across the two downsides of the outsourcing model:

  • Companies (especially large ones) doubt if the IT security services from third parties are really secure. Managers think they have direct control over the employees they hire since they sign non-disclosure and labor agreements. Our response to this concern is to find a reliable provider. We have a set of principles and compliance procedures that allow us to choose contractors we can trust.
  • Not every manager wants and is ready to run a 100% remote technical team. Well, the Covid era has shifted this paradigm, but some business owners or partners don’t fully believe that people can be motivated and controlled remotely. This could probably be true for spheres other than Information Technology. Because here, a remote-work format is a standard (and successful) practice. So negative perception is rather about stereotypes in our mindsets.
reasons to outsource network support services

Now onto the pros!

  • Enterprise network administration outsourcing has proved to be cost-effective. With the rates that we offer, businesses pay only for the time of dedicated staff and additional costs. The latter include office space, equipment, retention costs, and similar expenses. In-house teams require budgeting for payrolls, sick leaves, and vacations, as well as investments in top-notch equipment and furnishing their working place.
  • Hiring a network solutions tech support team is fast. It takes us approximately 2-4 weeks to acquire a team of IT specialists. And because we have fantastic IT recruiters, one month is an average term for groups of any size. While we can offer flexible solutions and urgently close positions, corporate recruiting teams can be limited by internal policies and procedures. 
  • Managers choose to outsource remote tech support to arrange 24/7 network monitoring. In-house IT department has fixed working hours and sometimes can’t quickly reach the office to resolve incidents. But your dedicated team will ensure remote support to your server at any time, so your business processes won’t be interrupted.
  • Your network infrastructure is optimized and equipped with the best hardware and software and is compliant with industry standards. For users, this means that sensitive data on your servers is secured, correctly backed up, and all essential processes remain uninterrupted. Moreover, the system is intelligent and sends various alerts like detecting potential vulnerabilities or insufficient memory facilities of switchers and routers. So for your network remote management services are highly beneficial. 

Remote Network Support Technician vs. In-House Employee

To stay competitive in the market, companies need to cut their costs on nearly everything. But no serious business can do without a server and computer network, and it’s time to consider cost-effective options. So, why is it often better to outsource a specialist than hire network support engineer?

You pay a fixed price

As an outsourcing provider, we offer a whole bunch of services related to hiring a dedicated team member for a fixed price. This price includes payrolls, taxes, and compensations; office facilities; recruiting, onboarding, retention, and accounting fees. And you just pay one invoice per month. 

You don’t spend money on searching for candidates

Once you decide to hire an in-house IT specialist, your recruiters will have to search for candidates, assess them, and sometimes pay commission to job portals or recruiting agents. This takes time (that you pay for) and effort.  When you reach out to a provider of outsourced professionals, you pay only for the result you get –– a network remote management engineer ready to work.

You pay less for top professionals

The Ukrainian IT market is full of well-educated engineers with several years of experience. And the great thing is that their salaries are often lower than those in other European countries and the US. So why not take advantage of this and get more paying less? Moreover, we help new team members adapt to your business workflow and get through cross-cultural differences. 

We give guarantees

If our technician performs poorly and refuses to cooperate with you for some reason, we can initiate another search campaign to replace him during his first month. And this is done at our expense. 

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Skills a Network Support Specialists Should Possess

Developing IT networks and maintaining them are the essential duties of an outsource tech support specialist. They repair, upgrade, and ensure stable network performance, optimizing server load and securing your data. Though every ideal candidate profile is unique, there are common skills and requirements to these professionals. Here are some of them:

  • Your candidate will have a Master’s degree in Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, or similar. 
  • It would be great for your future dedicated engineer to have relevant Microsoft, Cisco, or CompTIA certificates. 
  • We hire computer network support technicians with at least two years of experience. However, if you need less or more skilled professionals, this requirement can be adjusted.
  • Your company will outsource a dedicated teammate who boasts an exceptional understanding of network infrastructure and security. Moreover, he has to ensure excellent network connectivity and create appropriate architecture that meets business needs. 
  • Since servers work day and night, some incidents can happen after your business hours. That’s why one of the primary conditions we communicate with potential candidates is their readiness to be available outside the working schedule. And we always find sys admin on network who understands that urgent repairs can happen but shouldn’t be regular.
  • To resolve urgent issues and find immediate solutions, we require our candidates to possess superb problem-solving skills and exceptional analytical abilities. 
  • We always try to equip your team with specialists who perform their direct duties well and have good communication and collaboration skills. 

We Hire Network Engineers for You with These Values in Mind

We constantly enhance our approaches to hiring dedicated specialists. Because we want to deliver the best industry-appropriate solutions that exactly fit your business needs. Whether you only need to extend your team and hire network administrator or want to build a remote network management team from scratch, we’ll find talents for you. 

Our business philosophy is based on the three Rs: relationships, recruitment, and retention. This means that we focus on your needs and make every hiring step clear and controllable. We build a strong relationship between our clients and dedicated teams of network support engineers to keep both parties happy. And by a personalized approach to every technician, we motivate them to commit to your projects. 

How to Hire and Recruit Network Technicians: a Step-by-Step Explanation

We search for candidates with the strong hard skills required for the position, but we also keep your company’s core values in mind. How does it happen? Here are the three steps of how to find network admin with us:

  1. You share your ideal candidate profile. At this stage, we’ll ask you to provide as many details as possible, so we can show you a shortlist of relevant candidates. 
  2. We start searching and regularly update you on the process. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to deliver you first resumes. This is because we have to conduct pre-screening and several interviews. 
  3. You are offered a list of several top candidates for the remote network administration engineer position. We add some notes to highlight the key points for you to get an idea about the applicant. 
  4. You conduct the interview(s), and once candidacy is approved, we make an offer to your dedicated technician.
  5. We do the onboarding and help the specialist adapt to your processes and workflow, minimizing the cross-cultural differences.

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