Cyber attackers become more and more sophisticated, so we often read about data breaches happening to digital giants. And if huge corporations like LinkedIn, Facebook, Alibaba, Hotel Marriott, or EasyJet airline get into the trap, you should double the efforts towards securing your sensitive data. But is your in-house IT team equipped to repel all security attacks effectively? Or can dedicated professionals do that better?

Outsourcing IT Security Services: What Are the Benefits?

Keeping an in-house team can be a good option, but maybe it’s time to consider the benefits of IT security outsourcing? Here are just a few to mention.

benefits of it security services outsourcing

You get the best cyber security practices in use

Your dedicated specialists will have several years of experience with multiple security issues and mitigating plenty of vulnerabilities. That’s why their diversified expertise enhanced with advanced tools will ensure your data privacy. Usage of top anti-phishing software, DNS (Domain Name System) security, antimalware, and IAM (Identify and Access Management) tools, firewalls, and other instruments will secure your servers from being hacked. So, outsourcing cyber security services means bringing in more sophisticated professionals than your in-house ones. And using the world’s best practices in any area is always a good option.

You’ll decrease reputational risks

Remote network security engineers know that an effective, centralized, and measurable strategy to store sensitive data is a must. That’s why they’ll set essential principles of treating that data and document them together with your legal team to meet compliance requirements. Such data security policies will eliminate (or at least minimize) data breaches and help you avoid regulatory investigations or lawsuits in the future –– which will keep your reputation spotless.

You pay a fixed price

Hiring a remote IT security consultant will decrease the document flow and leave only one invoice to pay. Instead of making various payments and submitting reports on salary, taxes, vacation days, and sick leaves, you pay a fixed amount each month. We break down this number for you to see which expenses it includes. And above the mentioned payroll-related costs, we add expenses on office premises and equipment, recruiting and onboarding fees (paid once), and the cost of retention activities. Only one service bill each month is all your accountants will have to deal with.

You’ll get flexibility and won’t pay for downtimes

Managers think they can hire an in-house team for security vulnerability monitoring for project A and then slightly train them and involve them in project B. But these projects’ infrastructure, approach, and network architecture can be pretty different so that retraining can take some time. And if projects D, E, and F come simultaneously, will your IT team handle all the vulnerabilities? And vice versa, if you’ll have to pause one or several projects for some reason, you’ll pay the same salary to all employees. But with us, you pay exactly for the resources you need.

You’ll get 24/7 availability and immediate response

We ensure that you get top security and vulnerability management services. This means that we contract dedicated specialists who are ready to monitor your security around the clock. They’ll definitely have fixed business hours but will also monitor your network at night and on holidays. This is possible due to up-to-date alarm systems with real-time notifications. So, once any issue arises, a remote technical support specialist is immediately available to respond effectively. And often, this rapid reaction can minimize the damage or downtime of your server or prevent PII (Personal Identifiable Information) theft.  

How Can Remote IT Security Engineers Help Your Business?

With an outsourced security team, you’ll keep your website, databases, and customers’ personal information professionally secured. Top engineers will also speed up the digital transformation of your business and create a secure data-driven environment. As the number of cybercrimes grows, you need to constantly monitor the vulnerabilities that threaten your online presence and operational workflow. And these tasks are covered simply by outsourcing a security risk assessment specialist. 

However, cyber-attacks can happen and result in downtimes of your server. This paralyzes almost all business processes and stops your company from generating new leads online. A skilled engineer can quickly address the causes, mitigate the consequences, and restore all activities due to reliable data backup services an outsourced team offers.

You can opt to hire as many specialists as you need; however, we would recommend equipping your IT security team with several basic positions: an architect, systems administrator, network engineer, data analyst, and information systems manager. Outsourcing these five cyber security professionals will optimize your IT infrastructure in terms of its security and keep your data privacy in compliance with legal requirements.

hire it security engineer

Dedicated Computer Security Specialists vs. In-House Cyber Security Team

What if you look at IT security services from a new –– outsourced –– perspective? If you are a new company or one boasting years of operation, we have good news: there’s a credible way to cut costs and improve your cyber security. Let’s see which prerogatives outsourcing security management to third party can offer.

Dedicated remote teams cost less

That’s because, with us, you have access to the Ukrainian IT market, which offers high-level specialists at affordable prices. In-house security engineers from Europe and the USA require higher payrolls, making employers pay greater taxes, ensure paid vacations, and suffer other relevant expenses.

Dedicated teams can be more sophisticated

You can enhance your IT security team without overspending since you have access to a broader pool of qualified cyber security engineers. For example, for the budget of an in-house team of 5 specialists, you can afford 6-7 remote ones and equip your company with advanced IT support.

Skills Your Computer Security Consultants Need to Have

We hire only professionals and thoroughly discuss skills that your dedicated security specialist should have. Clients can add specific requirements for each position, but we are usually guided by our internal standards for every job title. For example, these are the characteristics of your remote security engineer.

  • He’ll possess a Master’s degree in Information Technology, Cyber Security,  Computer Science, Information Systems, or related disciplines. It goes without saying that to perform his daily tasks, your security engineer has to be technology savvy.
  • He’ll have 2+ years of experience in troubleshooting, keeping systems updated, network monitoring, and providing continuous support. He’ll have to ensure security compliance with official requirements, be ready to react immediately to network security issues, and implement proper backup solutions to achieve an uninterrupted user experience.  
  • He’ll be ready to ensure security to computer networks and other environments. So with a remote security vulnerability engineer, you’ll be able to have your mobile devices, cloud, and wifi networks protected too.
  • He’ll be exceptionally detail-oriented since detecting vulnerabilities and preventing data breaches requires attention to minor changes and modifications. He’ll also be responsible for the optimization and timely modernization of the IT security infrastructure.
  • He’ll possess good communication skills since he’ll have to explain ideas, clarify proposed solutions, and translate engineering details to non-technical colleagues.

Why Businesses Opt for Outsourcing Computer Security Services from Ukraine?

Being one of the firms that offer computer security outsourcing services, we see that cybersecurity practitioners are scarce in many countries. And the huge demand allows these professionals to raise their prices. However, we specialize in finding Ukrainian engineers because they offer comprehensive services for cost-effective payrolls. Ukraine has plenty of universities with advanced Cyber Security programs and thousands of tech companies where graduates can gain experience. 

Ukrainian engineers are business-oriented while sharing the same cultural values with Europeans and Americans; that’s why it’s easy to work with them. Moreover, specialists that we hire are often ready to work flexible hours, securing your business from attacks all the time. 

How We Help You Hire Remote Security Engineers 

Our hiring procedure is transparent, so you’ll have a clear understanding of what happens at each stage. Here’s how we cooperate:

  1. You give us a list of requirements and tasks that your dedicated engineer should possess. We discuss as many details as possible to create the ideal candidate portrait. Also, we need specifications to narrow our focus on candidates with highly relevant skills. And at this stage, we agree on your budget and give you a preliminary calculation of the final cost.
  2. Within 4-6 weeks, we find several applicants, do pre-screening, and usually ask them to complete a test task. We also can arrange online technical interviews (one-on-one or group ones) or forward CVs of those specialists who match the profile –– to conduct interviews with your teams and management.
  3. Once you approve your outsource security management team, we prepare job offers with basic cooperation terms and send them out. When offers are accepted, we send you the invoice with recruitment and administration fees, do the onboarding and make sure that a newcomer feels comfortable in the new environment. 

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